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"Bisexuals always end up picking a side"
Yaa all those fake bisexuals meeting the love of their life and staying together forever and getting married and being happy with only one person those assholes

Real talk.

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Yea it’s clearly our “generation that’s making homosexuality a trend.” Seriously, pisses me off when people say that. look at this! It’s always been around, it’s not a trend, it’s real. It’s beautiful.

These are really beautiful images.

History Lesson: In America from about 1700-1920 there was a social rule that said that women did not have a sex drive. According to men, all women ever were asexual and only ever had sex because their husbands wanted it and as a good doting wife they would open up for him. That said, lesbians flourished in this time! Because it was believed that women did not have sex, when two women would share a house and finances together (called a Boston Marriage, look it up!) nobody thought anything of it. Because clearly they werent homosexuals since clearly women were incapable of being independently sexual. The more you know!

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"Albino", 1956.

Photo by Nino Migliori

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An amateur orchid grower works in the window of his greenhouse in Silver Spring, Maryland, April 1971.Photograph by Gordon Gahan, National Geographic

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hnnngggggggggggg want

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Cozy + simple attic bedroom

think of the stargazing though

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Something witty about reflections. Photo by: @theoriginal10cent #campbrandgoods #keepitwild

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" Fiction gives us empathy: it puts us inside the minds of other people, gives us the gifts of seeing the world through their eyes. Fiction is a lie that tells us true things, over and over. "

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